Frequent Questions


What is the primary goal ofMüggenburg & Premiere Solar Limited?

‘To be the leading company in renewable energy in sub-sahara Africa’……this vision is founded on the success of Müggenburg Solar Gmbh of Germany and Premiere TechBills & Client Services Limited of Nigeria in the development of renewable energy solutions as well as modern day energy management technology sufficient to achieve the United Nations 7th Sustainable Development Goal of affordable and clean Energy which strives to accomplish a cleaner Environment for all.


What makes Müggenburg & Premiere Solar Limited a leading partner for renewable energy systems?

Beyond the retinue of energy and industry experts in its human capital, the firm has an array of modern technologies and original equipments designed for the African environment alongside the availability of partner funding for all sizes of projects with client centered tenures.


Does Müggenburg & Premiere Solar Limited provide flexible financial options for its services?

(Refer to Financing Options page on website).


Does Müggenburg & Premiere Solar Limited offer timelines for all electricity projects?

We can undoubtedly make commissionable within 4 months Energy Capacities, less than 5MW and 5-18 months for capacities between 10MW-10000MW with the most update project management tools available in the global market.


Is Müggenburg & Premiere Solar Limited operating in Nigeria?

(Refer to Contact Us page on the website)


What are the sources of Renewable Energy for Müggenburg & Premiere Solar Limited?

Only natural sources of energy including solar (sunlight), wind, water and urban waste form the raw inputs for the generation of reliable and sustainable electricity that will be transmitted and/or distributed by the company.


Is Müggenburg & Premiere Solar Limited a Nigerian owned company?

Yes!! The firm is a Nigerian-German renewable energy centered company (Refer to Management Team on the website).


Does Müggenburg & Premiere Solar Limited provide Warranties on all equipments used in its electricity generation?

Yes! We provide 3-35 Years Warranty on any of the equipments used in our business including Inverters, Charge Controllers, Photovoltaic Modules, Wind Turbines, Biomass reactors, Grid Battery Systems (Grid Storage) etc. This is because we are an original equipment manufacturer,OEM and have technical partnership with other leading OEMs in Europe, Canada and the US.


Does Müggenburg & Premiere Solar Limited offer electricity power services to private commercial business and residential estates?

(Refer to Products and Services page on the website). In addition, considerable time is expended on reaching an agreeable power purchase understanding with all our clients whether it is in electricity generation and distribution, smart grid networking and metering infrastructure or grid storage solutions.


Does Müggenburg & Premiere Solar Limited offer customers’ feedback?

All our projects are designed around the customer’s need which provides the pivot for related planning. Also, there is an after-services integrated mandate that is usually automated and can be remotely monitored to ensure optimum performance of all installed equipment.


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